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Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX enables you to quickly create Web pages that include a rich user experience with responsive and familiar user interface (UI) elements. ASP.NET AJAX provides client-script libraries that incorporate cross-browser ECMAScript (JavaScript) and dynamic HTML (DHTML) technologies, and it integrates them with the ASP.NET 2.0 server-based development platform. By using ASP.NET AJAX, you can improve the user experience and the efficiency of your Web applications.
ASP.NET AJAX Architecture

ASP.NET AJAX consists of client-script libraries and of server components that are integrated to provide a robust development framework. In addition to ASP.NET AJAX, you can use the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit and the features in the ASP.NET AJAX Futures releases, which are both community supported.
AJAX Client-Server Architecture

The ASP.NET AJAX server components basically consists of ASP.NET web server controls and components to manage UI and and flow of an application, and to manage…

How to add checkbox in Gridview in

In this article, we shall try discuss about the most powerful and strong feature of, GridView. Now we move to our discussion. As a developer and learner of I faced a problem several times how to use sever side controls like, Button, Checkbox, Radio button and others.
Then I try to find out the solution in net. I found lot of information about this query. But I got the accurate information from the site.
Now I make available information through this site...

In this article discuss how to add a column of radio buttons to the GridView for the purpose of selecting a particular record. A column of radio buttons is a suitable user interface when the user is limited to choosing at most one item from the grid. At times, however, we may want to allow the user to pick an arbitrary number of items from the grid. Web-based email clients, for example, typically display the list of messages with a column of checkboxes. The user can select an arbitrary number of …