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How to add Google Map in

Today I have added Google Map my application successfully !! Don't worry it's not a big deal. Very easy and you will find a lots of article, tutorial about it. For using google map you just need a google account for google map api and basic JavaScript knowledge. For non commercial use google map is free.

In aspx page add Google Map API KEY in header part of this
<head >
<script src=" key=ABQIAAAAclK0B2lXQwV5lPy1rLiTFBSN1aiKepvDswXjKa4j2DDWdYvOjhQMO1tywqS8ObgP5dtO70AyyArhzA"
type="text/javascript"> </script >
</head>You can get your own google map api key from this link. You can place your url