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Open new window with Response.Redirect() in

Today I want share with you a very interesting tips using Response.Redirect(). In there are various ways to move from one page to another. Mostly used.
Response.Redirect()Server.Transfer() But unfortunately you cant open a new window with those two methods. Which is possible with anchor link like <a href="#" target="_blank" >. When goggling I find that most of the answer is it is not possible or to make it possible you would add JavaScript method to using it. But I don't want this, at last I found two approaches. Now I want to share with these two approaches with  Response.Redirect() and  Server.Transfer().

First approach(easiest way):

Just use the OnClientClick event of the button. 
<asp:Button ID="btnHome" runat="Server" CssClass="button" Text="Go home"
OnClick="btnHome_Click" OnClientClick=" ='_blank';"/>
protected void btnHome_Click(object sender,…

Presentation @ Microsoft Talkz in AIUB

Yesterday I had joined a nice seminar at AIUB(American International University Bangladesh) arranged by Microsoft which is titled by "Microsoft Talkz". I amazed to see the interest of students at that seminar. Huge crowd in  the auditorium some students were waiting outside the hall for entrance but no single space is available for accommodate them.Really a new experience for me. I feel lucky to get the opportunity to participate that event.

Microsoft student partner(MSP) did a very good job to organize the whole event very nicely. There were also some expert technical guys discuss with new Microsoft technologies.

Razor new view engine in was my presentation topic. One can download it from here: Razor view engine in .

Presentation@Kuet S-PAC Programm

Very recently IEEE KUET branch organized a awesome program Students Professional Awareness Conference(S-PAC ).  IEEE Student Branch KUET link( ) introducing First S-PAC on Bangladesh Dated 3,4,5 December,2010 on KUET campus.

Students Professional Awareness Conference(S-PAC ) covers Workshop, Seminar, and Panel Discussions & Various Contests on the above stated topics comprising national & international guests.

It's really great initiative by KUET IEEE branch specially a big thanks to Shihab(who is chair for this event) and his team and also the KUET authority. I am also feeling lucky got an opportunity to attend this event as a speaker. My topic is "How to improve security and performance in".
One can download it from here: How to improve security and performance in

Its really new experience for me. Huge no of audience(almost 3000) were attends this event. I'm  amazed to got huge response from audience after presentatio…