Deprecated HTML elements /Bad Tag

There are several HTML elements and attributes that have now been declared deprecated by the World Wide Web Consortium (the organization that sets HTML standards).

'Deprecated' means that the elements no longer serve a purpose and have been replaced by other methods, mostly involving cascading stylesheets (CSS). Although it is recommended that web browsers continue to support them, eventually they will become obsolete.

Here lists all the deprecated elements and attributes of HTML 4..
  1.  The FONT and BASEFONT tags
  2.  The CENTER tag and ALIGN attribute
  3. The U, S and STRIKE elements
  4. The BACKGROUND and BGCOLOR attribute
  5. The BORDER attribute
  6. The TEXT, LINK, ALINK and VLINK attributes
  7. The HPSACE and VSPACE attributes
  8. The LANGUAGE attribute
  9. The CLEAR attribute
  10. The WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes
  11. The TYPE attribute for lists
  12. The START and VALUE attributes for lists
  13. The COMPACT attribute for lists
  14. The APPLET element
  15. The DIR and MENU elements
  16. The ISINDEX element
  17. The NOSHADE and SIZE attributes for HR
  18. The NOWRAP attribute
  19. The VERSION attribute
For more details....Deprecated HTML element/ Bad Tag


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