Presentation @ Microsoft Talkz in AIUB

Yesterday I had joined a nice seminar at AIUB(American International University Bangladesh) arranged by Microsoft which is titled by "Microsoft Talkz". I amazed to see the interest of students at that seminar. Huge crowd in  the auditorium some students were waiting outside the hall for entrance but no single space is available for accommodate them.Really a new experience for me. I feel lucky to get the opportunity to participate that event.

Microsoft student partner(MSP) did a very good job to organize the whole event very nicely. There were also some expert technical guys discuss with new Microsoft technologies.

Razor new view engine in was my presentation topic. One can download it from here: Razor view engine in .


Rashed said…
Thanks for your nice presentation. I am not familiar with mvc but enjoy your presentation.
Ahsan Murshed said…
Always glad to hear one of my posts helpful for other person!
Afroaj said…
yeah..thanks for your slide..its give me a basic idea about "razor".
razor is really superb....anyway thanks and keep it up
Ahsan Murshed said…
I am also learning razor very recently, so I try to share with others in easiest way.....

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