Orchard 1.4 Is released!!

Last day officially announced that the new Orchard release - version 1.4. It's a big step forward from the previous, 1.3.10 version, both in terms of performance and features.

Orchard 1.4 is here! The release is published on our Orchard CodePlex website and Microsoft Web Application Gallery.

What's new?

Orchard 1.4.0 fixes bugs, improves performance and introduces the following features:

Autoroute: Set-up token-based patterns for your URLs. David Hayden has a good post describing the feature: http://www.davidhayden.me/blog/autoroute-custom-patterns-and-route-regeneration-in-orchard-1.4

Projector: Create arbitrary queries on your site contents, then display the results in projection pages and widgets.

Fields: Orchard now comes with new field types for Boolean, Date/Time, Enumeration, HTML5 Input, Links, Media Picker and Numeric. The text field has a new setting for the flavor which adds html, markdown and textarea to the default text box.

Breaking Changes

Orchard 1.4 introduces a breaking change with the Autoroute and Alias features by removing the Route part that was previously handling URLs and titles for content items.

Migrating existing content items can be done with a special module (see next section), but it may also happen that some modules that were relying on the presence of Route may stop working.

We've asked all module developers to review their code with the new version, but there may still be incompatible ones out there. If a module misbehaves, please check whether a new version is available. If there isn't one, please contact its author through the contact form on the Orchard Gallery.

You may also attempt to fix the modules you need: we have a set of instructions on this thread.


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