Technical Reviewer of a new book "Razor View Engine How-to"

Packt Publishing recently released a new book titled – Instant Razor View Engine authored by Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa. I  have also attached with this process as a technical reviewer.

The main aspect of this book is to made easy for the developers to understand the use of razor view engine in MVC. I found this book very helpful for beginner because it shows differences between different scenario with code example. It also covers differences between view engine and razor view engine.

This book guide developer a step by step procedure to learn razor view engine quickly and effectively. For advanced developers it also covers the custom model binding,Razor helper extension method,declarative syntax etc.

 The content of the book looks like :
  • Creating the project (Should know) :
    • In this section author discussed about the creation of ASP.NET MVC Project and ran through the basic introduction ASP.NET MVC and a very quick introduction of Razor View Engine and how this differ with ASP.Net View Engine. 
  • Fundamental Razor syntaxes (Must know) :
    • A quick deep dive into code expressions, code block, expressions, mixed code expressions, conditional statements and  basic loops are covered in this chapter. In this chapter, Abhimanyu also explained how the language parsers works in different situation with some nice example.
  • Razor layout pages (Become an expert):
    • Here author introduces all the concepts of layout pages, nested layout pages, RenderBody, RenderSection. All the concepts are clearly explained with examples.
  • Models in Razor (Must know):
    • Talks about model directives, scaffolding views – and best thing is, author managed the things to explain very well using a sample “ToDo” application.
  • Razor helpers (Must know) :
    • Discussed about helpers with extension methods, declarative syntax, and standard helpers and how to apply them in different scenarios.
  • Partial views (Should know):
    • This section explains about render partial views using Partial, RenderPartial, Action, and RenderAction helper methods. 


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